New Project/ Album Release Show

                                                 For awhile I wasn’t really tryna drop a project. For a few reasons being that musically I didn’t really know what I was trying to accomplish and also I felt like I needed to improve as… Read more →

New Music Video: Salute Me [prd. Alex Aff]

For this one I wanted to really show my city from my perspective. Me and JK Media want to show the story of a young kid from Durham tryna get in the game and beat the odds. One of my most soulful joints. I think i’ll be headed in this direction more as far as the sound. I enjoyed shootin… Read more →


Real Life

It is 2:25am in the morning on a Tuesday(makonnen voice) February 10,2015. After a random jolt of inspiration and clarity, i decided for some reason it would be necessary to write. Not even a rap, just actually write. Me realizing that this is some shit I never do, I found confusion in the initial idea but I’ve learned in my… Read more →