Mason-Dixon Hip Hop Project Interviews Alex Aff

New Orleans based students are doing a project to get the genuine perspective from artist, scholars and creatives about race relations in America. They traveled to 11 out of the 14 states under the Mason-Dixon line. Out of those 11, they found themselves in North Carolina. They found me and asked some tough questions.   Read more →

Aff And Friends

Aff and Friends – 7/30

  Im headlining a show for the second time in Chapel Hill! I collaborated with (J) Rowdy and No9to5 Music to put this event together with the main goal of highlighting quality music in the triangle area. Featuring talented artist that I have great relationships with: Danny Blaze, theDeeepEnd, Defacto Thezpian, and Kid Infamous. We’re all coming up together to… Read more →


News: Phases (Title Song + LP announcement)

Excited to announce that Im releasing a new project this fall called “Phases”. The idea of ‘Phases’ came to me earlier this year when I realized that we, as humans, always go through different phases in life. And in order to evolve naturally and the way you’re supposed to, those phases you go through are necessary and can’t be skipped, so… Read more →