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  1. Alex Aff Interview with Sci Flyy Entertainment

    April 29, 2015 by alexaff

    Had a chance to sit down and talk to the good people at Sci Flyy entertainment about music and lots of other things. I appreciate them taking the time to talk to me and learn more about me at this early stage in my career. They’ve been supporting me for a while so I got nothing but love for them!

  2. New Music Video: Salute Me [prd. Alex Aff]

    March 2, 2015 by alexaff

    For this one I wanted to really show my city from my perspective. Me and JK Media want to show the story of a young kid from Durham tryna get in the game and beat the odds. One of my most soulful joints. I think i’ll be headed in this direction more as far as the sound. I enjoyed shootin this one! S/O to all the people that participated and helped me execute the vision! Luv.

  3. Real Life

    February 10, 2015 by alexaff


    It is 2:25am in the morning on a Tuesday(makonnen voice) February 10,2015. After a random jolt of inspiration and clarity, i decided for some reason it would be necessary to write. Not even a rap, just actually write. Me realizing that this is some shit I never do, I found confusion in the initial idea but I’ve learned in my 21 years up to this point to trust my ideas. In my short 21 years I’ve actually learned alot of things. Well at least in my mind. But of course im mindful enuff to realize im young and I still have a trillion more things to learn about everything. Life, love, all that other shit between, but most importantly, myself. Alex.


    What scares me about real life is that each day I wake up, and go to work(or wherever) and converse with people I constantly see fear. And me witnessing fear is scary. Make sense? Lemme explain.

    I try to analyze fear for what It actually means. Yes of course there are real times to be fearful, but what I really try and analyze is imaginary fear. The fear that doesn’t really exist. The fear of the unknown perhaps? The fear of failure and expectations. The fear of dying alone? I sometimes spend my days just tryna figure out what people truly fear. lol yo I don’t know how lame that is but thats the shit I do.

    I feel like most of the fear people feel most of the time isn’t really real. Like it isn’t a psychical thing you can reach out and grab at, what it is to me is just a manifestation of a collection of negative thoughts about how things can ultimately turn out.  Fear is like a virus once it hits the body the shit spreads, and it takes over your entire being. It’s no cancer but it does act as such. I’ve seen it make people sick. Maybe not physically ill, but mentally, spiritually, and emotionally of bad health.

    It is sometimes hard for me to be around people because some people have that sickness, and I believe in something a little different. I believe life isn’t really real. Of course I know it is I don’t wanna sound like Im all the way nuts. It’s just impossible for me to follow the standard format of what life is “supposed” to be for some people(get a job, work your whole life, provide, then die). Don’t get it confused, I have nothing but respect for people who have obtained higher education(or not) and are working long hours, husslin like crazy, getting yours and handling your shit. I salute you. Im speaking from the perspective of a dreamer.  A regular nigga from Durham, North Carolina that is currently building towards something that I would consider real. Some people would consider me a rebel, or would say I have a rebellious nature, which in a small way is true. In my mind how I think about it is that Im not really a ‘rebel’ like how Martin Luther King was, or Tupac was. Im just doing what I want to do, on some human shit. On some my name is Alex and this is what I do, type shit. The interesting part is that that idea barely exist in this life. The idea that it is possible to really do exactly what you want to do in this life. Maybe that has to do with so many people seeming unsatified, UN-fufilled of what life has to offer

    The life that I currently live is what it is. Im broke as hell tryna find my way like alotta folk im sure. But for some reason even when Im feeling low, I can make myself high again. I have an outlet that can heal my pains. That can ease my stress. I believe I can create whatever type of life that I wanna live. So I can deal with not really having nothing and being broke because Im so in tune with myself I can see the future, and my outlet can always allow me to return to a good mood. Im not the most confident or the wisest person in the world, and I show all that to my people for their enjoyment and consumption. I try to show myself exactly how I am, offering every side that exist to me. That for me is fun. that connection is real life for me.


    All that other shit isn’t real life to me. MG_6013bw.jpg

  4. New Music: Find Our Way (Official Video)

    January 5, 2015 by alexaff

    A joint that means alot to me, 4surree. #FindOurWay



  5. Music: “Find Our Way” [prd. by Alex Aff]

    October 22, 2014 by alexaff

    New song. Listen and Enjoyyyyy


    Find Our Way

  6. KTM TV Freestyle

    September 7, 2014 by alexaff

    I did a long over due “fire” session with KTM TV. Check it out

  7. “Live Good” ft. Kamus (Official Video)

    August 27, 2014 by alexaff

    Alex Aff x KamusWhatever you do, wherever you stay, whatever you have, always remember to #LiveGood.

    Even if you broke as hell.

    -Alex Aff

    Kamus on twitter: @kamustheleader

  8. Live Good x Kamus Official video dropping 8/27!

    August 8, 2014 by alexaff

    The official video for my song ‘Live Good’ ft Kamus is officially dropping 8/27. Shot once again by JK Media. As far as the visual is concerned, he(jk media) had most of the vision as far as where we were and how it looks. The concept was pretty simple but the vibe of the song plus the visual go hand in hand and I think its something that describes my artistry without me really having to explain it. As far as the song is concerned I just feel like the words “Live Good” are so powerful to me. People seem to make being happy, or life itself, more complicated than it needs to be. For me, Im just doing what I love, while enjoying this life thing because its kinda dope. Of course life is a struggle but my struggle is not worth me complaining about because Im sure there are tons of niggas who are truly going through some craaaazzzzyyy shit. And progression is a blessing and thats real talk. But I ain’t gonna preach lol. I made the beat for this song and its on my project “Who Knows Who Cares II”, you should take a listen. Oh and I linked up with the homie Kamus(@kamustheleader) through my friend/producer Streetlight(streetliteNC). And he’s a dude with the same level of motivation and inspiration so we think and act on similar accords. I want that to be something you hear in the music.


    We some niggas from Durham with a dream

    -Alex Aff, the homie.
    Alex Aff x Kamus

  9. New Visual: “Main Goal” prd. by Alex Aff

    July 18, 2014 by alexaff

    Another visual off of #WKWCII . Shooting this one was interesting because the original plan I had fell through the roof so we shot it on the fly and improvised as we went. It turned out well in my opinion. If plan A worked out this visual would have looked completely different! But I like the feel of it, has a real hip hop underground vibe to it. Check it out! And S/O to JK Media

  10. New Music: Who Knows Who Cares II (Album)

    July 1, 2014 by alexaff

    My sophomore project. Im glad to have some music out and I appreciate every1 who listens its love! Im proud of this project, especially when I listen to the production only because I don’t feel like a ‘producer’ yet I feel like a ‘beat-maker’. But when you listen, feel free to share an opinion! S/O to everybody who helped me with the project from the artist I reached out to for features to the other producers who are also featured on the project. More stuff sure to be on its way